This book thanks teachers and mentors who inspire students to change the world by sharing unconditional love.


Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to DonorsChoose.org. The agreement was entered into by Randy Crowell and Jylla Tearte and approved by DonorsChoose.org as the recipient.

Randy by Randy Crowell
To the Teachers and Educators who impact lives, influence the future and make our world a better place to live.
Randy’s 2016 photo of the Sky Pond

Everyone has a story. All of our stories include people and events that helped direct our lives. They also include people and events that served to detour us. The early years of my life were most characterized by detours. It seems the farther I went, the further behind I became. I quickly found out that life goes on no matter what and we have to go with it, even if it means we get dragged behind.

About Randy

Randy Crowell is a genomics researcher who has transformed his life numerous times to achieve an amazing career in biotechnology. His journey of detours through life encourages others to “just show up” and never give up. He attributes many milestones of his success to teachers and mentors who believed in him at critical moments of his life.

Randy Crowell
About Jylla

Jylla Moore Tearte, PhD is the CEO of Crystal Stairs, Inc., a firm that specializes in Encore Leadership: Transforming Time, Treasure and Talent into a Legacy that Matters. The book, RANDY, is a project born of her interest in sharing Randy’s story that applauds her Mother who Randy acknowledges as the one teacher who saw the possibilities his future held.

Jylla Tearte, PhD

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